Wednesday, 22 May 2013

In the Forest'

Happy Wednesday Lovers!
Here are some photos from a photoshoot I did with the amazing photographer Irwin Tumbucon. This shoot is one of my favorites because it is soo simple yet with an elegant edge to it. I've been told that on the last photo it seems like the flowers on my dress are coming from the ground :)

Outfit details for this look: Maxi dress is by S&S Clothing and floral designed heels by Fioni from And the important detail, the orchids are from my mom's garden :)

Also, Stay tuned for my next post for an OASAP GIVEAWAY! 
Thanks Loves! Till my next post!

Annie Buan

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Serenading in Floral

You're probably wondering what song I'm singing ;) its an oldie. "Runaway" By: The Corrs :) One of my favorite songs to sing. I was actually asked to serenade my niece during her 18th birthday celebration held at The Westin. I was really shy too, but hey I did it! 

My outfit for the night was an inspiration of the FLORAL trend going on for Spring/Summer. This hi-low, tube, floral dress is by: Poetry Clothing. I accessorized with a brown accented with gold belt and gold accessories all by: MStyle Lab, also a Marc Jacobs black watch. My beige booties are by: Dollhouse. This look is very easy to achieve and very trendy for summer. The dress can be worn to different places from a party to the beach! 
Till my next post lovers!

Annie Buan

Friday, 17 May 2013

Meet my babies, my Tangelos!

Summer is just around the corner, and it is H-O-T here in Guam! Well that's nothing new since Guam is an island. So an everyday "LOOK" for girls here to suit the HOT WEATHER is to wear a tank top, shorts, and slippers. 

Today, I threw my slippers underneath my bed and pulled out these fine babies, my Tangelos :)) These shoes are part of the Kobe 8 System collection called the ALL-STARS. My boyfriend who is actually into the shoe game bought me these. I am so grateful :)) 

As a simple accessory  I wore a RASTACLAT bracelet in the same colorway (orange and green), which you can purchase online! There are a lot of other colorways to choose from! Make sure to check it out!
That's it for now, until my next post!

Annie Buan

Hello Everyone!

For my first blog post, I wanted to put up something I am very proud of and that is the Marine Drive Magazine with ME :) on the cover! This released a few months ago in December of 2012. The theme for this shoot was "Beautiful Doll". Although  this shoot took ALL DAY to do with some minor set backs, the amazing staff and photographers of MDM magazine were able to pull it off! Thank you to everyone who supported me and to those who got a copy! 

If you are interested in viewing the magazine, here is the link to do so:
Lots of fun things inside including the brands of the clothing I wore, so make sure you view it!

Annie Buan